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Geeetech Me Creator

Geeetech Me Creator – 3D Printers Online Store

Geeetech Me creator is the fifth generation of geeetech 3d printers. Specially designed for students, innovators and professionals. Very reasonable price 3d printer only $550 USD with same quality as 3d printers twice and thrice the price.

Built with chasis of steel frame to provide high stability and durability. Easy installation and simple instruction to use. First plug and play mini 3d printer launched in the market.

Maximum build size of 150 x 150 x 150mm and the software uses Repetier Host. Heatbed supports for ABS/PLA printing. Print speed of 80 mm/sec maximum. Uses MK8 extruder for high precision and filament flow. Delivers quality prints at resolution of 100 microns.

Me creator designed with Sanguinololu v 1.3a as main board for Plug and play function as well as easy use. Attached with LED light inside to deliver better visibility of the printing process and you can control the brightness by altering the input voltage.

It is integrated with LCD and SD card reader. No need to turn on PC while printing. Load the STL files in to SD card and control the operation in LCD control panel. Simple and easy to use 3d printer for everyone.